Wherever you travel... on vacation, a business trip, medical treatments in a distant city or a visit with relatives, chances are you will be 100 miles or more away from home, at least twice a year.  If death occurs while you’re traveling, your family must deal with additional unexpected expenses.  You can save them from another worry by enrolling in our Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan.

  • Lifetime protection for a very reasonable fee
  • Services provided from anywhere in the world
  • No age or health restrictions to qualify for coverage
  • Cremation at place of death option - in lieu of returning mortal remains
  • This important coverage can save your family thousands of dollars


What is the Assured Return Plan?

The Guaranteed Travel Assurance Plan is a Service Contract offered by American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc.  Assist America Services, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the repatriation of mortal human remains, currently serving the funeral service industry.  The Guaranteed Travel Assistance Plan will provide all services necessary to return an individual back to their home when death occurs 100 miles   or more away from their legal residence.

What does the Plan cost?

$450.00 for a Single Plan and $375.00 for each additional person living at the same address (a savings of $75.00).

How long does the Plan last?

There is a one-time fee for a life-time of coverage.  No other payments are necessary.

Is this Plan insurance?

No.  This is a one-time fee that provides the participant with a Service Contract.  The Service Contract is backed with an insurance policy so that when a claim is made against the Service Contract, the insurance company will cover the cost of the benefit.  The insurance policy does not pay any money to any individuals, only to the Service Contract provider when the Service Contract is utilized.  

What if a Plan Participant moves?

The plan follows the Participant everywhere.  If the Participant changes his/her address the requirements simply follow the Participant to his/her new home.

Example:  If a Participant purchases the Plan while living in Boston, Massachusetts and subsequently moves to Bonita Springs, Florida the benefits follow the Participant.  Now, however, instead of a 100 mile limitation applying to the Boston, Massachusetts address it would apply to the Participant’s new address in Bonita Springs, Florida.

A Participant spends half of the year in Massachusetts and half in Florida.  How does the Participant determine his/her legal address?

A Participant’s legal address will require verification through voter registration, driver’s registration and/or other means. 

Who is providing this service?

American Pre-Arrangement Services, Inc., in association with Assist America, the worldwide leader in pre-arrangement assistant services.

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